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February 18, 2012


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Pastor Fagioli

La mia padrona seducente giovane...

Come una spina di pesce ti infili in gola!

Grazie mille, I vostri Fagioli.


Il mio trascendente Fagioli, we will laugh and laugh even as we're tossed into Equity Trucks and rendered extraordinarily to re-dispositioning camps operated by Guatemalan small business owners working under a fair trade agreement with the Occupy Movement, or so my little friend assures me. All in the cause of ... SOCIAL JUSTICE.

Robin Rogers

The dangers of million-dollar philanthropic donations http://bit.ly/yIBqKE ...

Pastor Fagioli

Possano i nostri glutei accettare la loro punizione con grazia.

(Che un professore bello! Puoi metterla sul personale?)

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