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October 11, 2011


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The not-OK Chorale


You realize, of course, that the first paragraph praising Mr. Shamrock's brilliance and integrity is severely undercut by the rest of your piece.

This has been the song you and Mr. Cubits have been singing since at least 2006, perhaps longer.

Color me perplexed (portable fencing orange shaded by the various human oils of struggle.)

The not-OK Chorale

Disclaimer: I AM verifiably too stupid to live. Therefore I will feel little pain if your are harsh with me. Let fly if urge occurs.


not-OK, my use of sophisticated words like "nexus" is smoke and mirrors, a desperate attempt to conceal the baselessness of most of my beliefs. I believe Bill is a man of integrity because I ran into him often when I was living in DC and found him to be genuinely convinced of his mistaken, misguided beliefs :-) On top of that, he's kind and shows humility, qualities rare in any field. I've also read just about everything he's written. There are few cultural polemicists as good as he is. Or as strategic: his whole anti-root causes campaign has little to do with calling out philanthropic hubris and much more to do with keeping large foundations from naming and acting on what they already know to be the causes of concentrated poverty, of the widening gap between the rich and poor, etc. You don't get to be the chief advisor and speech writer for Ed "I know smut when I see it" Meese if you're a dullard.

The not-OK Chorale

Look, I can quote him out of context right now and settle the whole thing:

"...[I]n my personal screeds, I'm a lickspittle of dog-eat-dog capitalism..."

You see! He has the integrity to 'admit' that he has none when quoted unfairly.

Need I say more?


OK, well at least we settled that.

The not-OK Chorale

You are quite reasonable when engaged stupidly, Alyosha. We may yet root out the causes of Philanthropy, you and I.

(And Mr. Cubits is building a big boat!)


A police force ranged in tight columns, sworn to maintain the peace; a surfeit of love for one's fellow man; an accountant suggesting that you donate an appreciated asset; a desire to follow Christ; one glass of Merlot too many at a rubber chicken gala. All of these are the cause of philanthropy.

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