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December 14, 2010


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timely for the work I am doing -organizing the nonprofit sector. is there a good keynote speaker on cloutsourcing you would recommend?


Why not use google tools to do this for free? They have a host of great tools for schools and non profits. http://www.teleco4.com


I apologize for being such a bad ironist (is that a word?). I was trying to poke a little fun at those of us in the nonprofit sector (myself included) who look to new gadgets and tools to help get us out of our predicament, the predicament being that we spend billions of dollars working on behalf of marginalized communities to little effect. The social media technologies I refer to already exist: they're nothing more than our making the effort to share information (in the case of Content.Cloud.0) and coordinate efforts (in the case of CLOUTsourcing). We can do these things simply by meeting, talking with one another over the phone, or commmunicating via the Internet. Problem is, we don't--at least not to any significant degree. It's not the technology that's holding us back: it's us.

Melinda Lewis

I got the irony, if it makes you feel any better! And I especially appreciated the latter one--it is so easy for us to forget that there are absolutely no shortcuts to the organizing work that must happen for communities, particularly those that have been marginalized, to be fully included in our policy debates. And I'm always amazed at how reluctant people are to actually call someone else, today, when the reality is that there are just no substitutes for building, and even painstakingly maintaining, the relationships that can be motivational and even transformational.

Albert Ruesga

You might be interested in reading this article on the views of Evgeny Morozov, author of The Net Delusion.

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