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February 16, 2010


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Antoine Möeller

Möeller's Dead Simple Solutions
Unsolicited and Unwanted We Soldier On!

Root cause: Dis-honorable intent

Dead Simple Solution:
o Don't lie.
o Don't omit.
o Examine regularly your assumptions about not being a liar or omitter.
o If you find that you have lied or omitted, say publicly, "I lied," or "I omitted," and recuse yourself from the process.
o Think about your ox. Have you allowed its goring in the public interest? If very seldom, or never, recuse yourself from the process.
o Accept steady progress toward a goal, realizing that your model is imperfect and may be better described and addressed by future generations operating with honorable intent.
o Laugh at yourself: You are funny. We all are.

Alejandro H. Fukit (speaking as a private citizen)

I think what Mr. Möeller is trying to say is... don't **** it up on purpose. With the best of intentions you're going to **** it up anyway, so you may as well have good intentions, eh? (And if you don't, or can't, there's an old ****** a few blogs away who'll beat some into you PRO BONO, for crissake. Then you just have to put yourself in his ballpark, or stumble into him, cuz he don't do renditions. Eh?)

Cackety Dishwitz

I think what Mr. Fukit is trying to say is: Be a mensch. It's the default.

Judge Judy

Oy. Don't piss on my leg and tell me it's raining. Judgement for the plaintiff, get out of my site.

Enrique the Gay Philosopher

Judge Judy: There's really no such thing as a small claim.

Judge Judy

E the GP. When I look at you I think: Purloined goods. Go with God, you little rascal.


Great post. What if we put the Fool and his Errand into the diagram, among the flows and stocks? What is his vision, theory of change, self story, metrics? Whom does he hold accountable for the grantee organization falling down on the job?


We'd need to make room in our diagram for the fool who believes he's isolated the root cause of a social ill, and the fool who doesn't believe anything like that is possible, plus a little extra space for me: the fool who brought up the question in the first place.


Stock and flows among fools, knaves, and rogues would be a theory of social change, and could double as a literary work as well. (The Beggars Opera.) It is a great post, Albert.

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