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June 15, 2008


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not to point fingers, but somebody has pinked the old fucker up.


1 - old people have a stringy texture, like wood, but babies are like lamb

2 - a geezer's tainted spirit craves a fresher vessel


Phil thinks and writes well in any color. I'd lose the hat.

uncle caca

yes, we count the old skilled fucker as a friend. (he counts us, too -- late nights in the pantry as we shrink from the light.)

in other news, every day brings its little surprises. for instance, i did not know this:

A relationship with a word we know well is disguised in the word geezer. A clue to this relationship is found in British dialect. The English Dialect Dictionary defines geezer as "a queer character, a strangely-acting person," and refers the reader to guiser, "a mummer, masquerader." The citations for guiser refer to practices such as the following: "People, usually children ... go about on Christmas Eve, singing, wearing masks, or otherwise disguised," the last word of this passage being the one to which geezer is related.

so much is wonderful, is it not?


The name fits, age giving folly the guise of wisdom, a claque of effete liberal arts majors making a show of dancing around some bust of Aristotle. The tradition that Phil represents is so 400 B.C.E.

ikorush sikorsky

It is not the same since glasnost, fall of, etc. Low-cost monitoring must be done in person, not as with machines in USA. The woman is suspicious ex-girlfriend of man in white shirt, and most likely does not have MLS, yet. Otherwise would be at reference desk. Such is life in a small country. It makes so obvious.


Cuba is a poor country. It'll be years before it achieves the kind of self-censorship we have in the U.S.


I don't understand...I get the bit about the hat but the rest is just too funny to make sense


Jiang Qing's post was a bit of a Rorschach inkblot, so I'm not surprised the commenters are free associating. I stopped making sense long before I met you, in case you were wondering.

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