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October 21, 2007


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Dr. Chadwallah

I will say nothing against Monique. I am sure she deserves an affirmative boost from you, Albert, based on her skin color, certainly not for the quality of her prose. But if White Courtesy Telephone has some kind of quota system, where are the Hindus? May I ask? What courtesy are we shown? Two blacks here, one male and one female, both insipid. Surely you do their race no compliment by foregrounding these ***** ******* of yours. As for Hindu-Amercans, none! I would settle for no white courtesy, Albert, and a little plain justice. I have already found several hidden meanings Monique missed. But if you think I am going to put my best work down here in the comment section where it is subordinated to her post and marginalized, you are very much mistaken.

Candidia Cruikshanks

Dr. Chadwallah's work is write for hire. Any hidden meanings he finds while in my employ remain the property of Wealth Bondage. They may be made available behind the paywall at WB.

Dr. Chadwallah

Wait a minute! It's Sunday, I am on my own time. Those hidden meanings are mine. (Oops, I did read Albert's site once on company time. Candy tracks all online activity. Maybe she can prove as a nexus.) Best to leave well enough alone. My visa never came through, and Candy could have me deported.

Stuart Johnson

The intermediate stage between capitalism and socialism is alcoholism.


WCT bloggers speak for themselves and rise or fall on the merits of their thinking. Regarding Monique's writing: It took everything I had to convince her not to place every word of her essay sous rature.

Monique Nescafé

T'es encore faché avec moi car je t'ai appelé un imbécile maladroit. Tu m'as demandé d'écrire la vérité, et voici la façon dont tu me remercies. Je te donne un gros baiser quand même.

Barbara, a lovely, intelligent girl

Oh, Monique, postmodernist theories explain a lot of the facts, but I'm afraid the end of study is only the beginning of reality.



I had heard there was trouble in Frontier World. Merci, Monique.


May I, in all humility and deepest respect to the distinguished venture capitalist, CEO, and resident of a fine manse Candidia Cruikshanks, offer her an electronic introduction to the former director of the Independence Seaport Museum in Philadelphia, Mr. John S. Carter. Ms. Cruikshanks, and other devotees of this and related blogs, may explore their compatibilities with this philanthropic icon, who has advanced giving 'til it really feels good Philadelphia style to new heights, by a careful reading of the front page of today's Inquirer (Philadelphia, not National). Just copy and direct your browser to:


Thanks for the link, Jon. I had heard of Mr. Carter's "museum antics" (his words) from a colleague whose husband preceded Mr. Carter as director of the museum. Grand larceny and fraud aren't going to win him any friends in high places, unless of course he involves his board in the looting, which is exactly what he appears to have done. If he's that clever, he's also intelligent enough to know that bilking the public of large sums of money and property is better done through legal means such as lobbying or serving in the U.S. Senate.


dr. nescafe: i think that if the editors had intended the blog to be about the culture and practices of american philanthropy, they would have called it "Culture-and-Practices-of-American-Philanthropy Telephone."

Stuart Johnson

"White Courtesy Telephone" makes about as much sense as "Black Entertainment Television."


Cake Walk at the Big House, brought to you by White Courtesy Telephone. Prizes for best Dick Cheney imitator.

Albert Ruesga

I'll be wearing an enormous red bowtie. And I'll bring Monique, if she can keep her hands off me. Will Dr. Chadwallah be joining us?

Bobby Gentry

Isn't it about time you folks focused on something other than your own cleverness?

Bobby Gentry

Isn't it about time you folks focused on something other than your own cleverness?

Billie Joe MacAllister

"Isn't it about time you folks focused on something other than your own cleverness?"

I keep telling them that, Bobby, and they keep telling me to go jump off a bridge. That's pretty fucking insensitive, don't you think?

Stuart Johnson

It gets tiresome, night after night, the ribaldry, always expecting the unexpected. Like those secret societies at Yale or Oxford where wealthy students mock sacred things while drinking themselves unconscious.

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