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September 16, 2007


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Fun post, Mouse. I like the donation can battle. Albert: Why do so many people go anonymous on your site? Alberto Gonzalez is gone. You can relax a little.

Tidy Sum

Rural funding is a bear?

Heck, it is like pulling teeth to get most urban foundations to think REGIONALLY.

Maybe they are afraid they won't be able to find a Starbucks or get signals for their iPhones.

God forbid, we look a bit beyond the beltway to address transit, housing, environment, food, immigration, etc.

Over this 4th of July, an all-volunteer rural environmental coalition invited me out to the boonies for some beers and to talk my usual B.S. about organizational development and fundraising.

I brought the beer and good (local) cheese, so my big city smarty pants usual rules of thumb we're graciously received.

But they schooled me right quick about how fundraising and collaboration in rural America is not so matter-of-fact.


I left with a newfound respect at all they had accomplished and a better understanding about their politics and struggle. I also felt sad that so many seemed, well, tired.

Thanks, Mouse.


Thanks for a new perspective. I see that things aren't just cut-throat in urban areas, but maybe more so in rural nonprofit communities.



Resources are scarce and competition is tough; we are just like some cats in a burlap bag.
Yes, the volunteers are tired. When you attend the various non-profit activities, you often see the same volunteers doing the work. The same is true for a small group of donors whom attend every fundraiser; waiting for the pitch and writing another check. The same local businesses donate to the numerous raffles and auctions held regularly. We love them all and we love the quiet and the stars.

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