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September 18, 2007


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What are you guys having for lunch? Locusts and honey?


Thanks Albert:

Well said. It is too easy for grantwriters to be blinded by their one sided belief that their application for funding represents the perfect partnership of mission. Proof in performance will always be countable...but it shouldn't be everything.

I've referenced your post on a new Funders Forum on www.SustainableNonprofit.org. Feel free to visit and share your views on other sustainability issues.


Excellent post, thank you. Not being in grantmaking, I read stuff on managing and measuring grantee organizations, but cannot refute their "framework" of management bromides and personal complacency and vainglory. You do a great job of reframing the relationship as one of partnership between funders and do-ers. I guess hoops look better when you are the ringmaster holding them than when you are person dressed up as donkey jumping through them.


People get to dress up as donkies?


Foundation work has its rewards.


Phil, I think ambiguity is cold and sweet, like Williams' plums.

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