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September 03, 2007


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Bruce Trachtenberg

Lest you think it's all champagne and bon bons for owners of mega-yachts, how little do you know. Take, for instance, the plight of Larry Ellison, founder of Oracle. According to the Wall Street Journal, "Mr. Ellison has been complaining for years that the boat he built specifically to be the longest in the world — or at least to be longer than Paul Allen’s — turned out to be rather impractical. He can’t dock at most of the world’s marinas, since his boat exceeds size limits. When he pulls into shore, he has to tie up with oil takers and container ships at industrial ports. (Not very posh.) Or he has to anchor offshore and take tenders to the dock."

See...not everything is as wonderful as it looks!

John Anger

Point well taken, Bruce. Never judge a man until you've cruised a (nautical) mile in his mega-yacht.

Joe McPatriot

If you care so much, give your money to the down trodden. To each his own. Who is stopping you?

Albert Ruesga

Look here, McPatriot, I know my friend John has been known to drop a few mites into the beggar's cap. More importantly, he's trying to make a better world by blogging.

Bruce Trachtenberg

This just in--and again from the WSJ--more evidence that rich just don't have enough to spend their money on. According to a front page article about the luxury goods market, eyewear giant Luxottica Group SpA. is launching a chain of boutiques in the U.S. that will sell sunglasses from Chanel and Tiffany and others for up to $10,000 a pair.

Sounds shady.


My only quibble with your elegant and devastating calculus of shortfall is the underpricing of public transportation. Here in Chicago you'd pay at least $17.50 a week, and if your financial situation precluded your getting a credit card with which to prepay transit costs you'd pay $20. But I suppose once you have no money, having more no money hardly matters.

And I'm stunned at Joe McPatriot's suggestion that the solution to this problem is charitable contributions. Don't most let-them-eat-garbage commentators have a saying about teaching people to fish rather than giving them fish? If fishing doesn't pay, though, the smug beauty of that saying ends up somewhat tarnished.


During the Cold War, the MacPatriots would suggest to liberal protestors that they move to the Soviet Union. "Let private charity address the problem" is the cri du jour. Joe also understands that most dumpster divers are outlaws, undermining our nation's retail sector and subverting the Ownership Society. We paid for that garbage, so why should we let anyone else have it?

Hwayne Hwizenga

Mom, Apple Pie, Baseball ==> Garbage, Entertainment, Automobiles

Fish or cut bait. Some of us are licensed, you know.


it's not all bad. we still have late night infomercials.

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