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July 27, 2007


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Good thought. Have you also considered doing interviews, not necessarily podcasts, but interviews with figures who do not blog, but have something important to say? Sean seems to be making that work. You will be as a very credible producer, convener, interviewer. We should think about this. How can we convene online? Given that the ones who have the most clout are not given to blogging? Can we invite them into an online space, as Sean does, for 24 hours?


For fun, how about we start by inviting O'Reilly to your show? Or WB? Or GH? Post our invitation. Post his replies. Make it into a running joke.

Albert Ruesga

I like that idea, Phil. I can ask the Countess Apraxina if she'd be willing to forward an invitation to Scooter Libby. Maybe Schambra can arrange an interview with Conrad Black. We can soften Conrad up by sending him a cake with hacksaw baked inside it.


I think maybe your other contributors may be limiting your chances of recruiting new ones. Stuart, Sally, John, and Dixie are not the prestigious company in which upwardly mobile philanthropoids will want to be found. The Countess, maybe. We are born alone, blog alone, die alone. For us it is the human condition. If we had talent, at our age, we would have been promoted to positions in which we had no time to blog. I can get Amrit Chadwallah to write her from time to time, if you can help him with bus fare to and from the Conservative Think Tank formerly known as Wealth Bondage.

Dr. Amrit Chadawallah

Pardon me, Albert, but Phil does not speak for me. He thinks I am a pompous ass, and I must say I think his manners are atrocious. I get a little tired, frankly, of being the butt of every one of his stupid jokes about pedants and ill paid, time serving scribblers. You of all people can sympathize, Albert. We are both legitimate PhD's, men of learning, unlike some other philanthropy bloggers I could name like Phil C@b@ta. And what respect do we get? None. In any case, you can be sure if I ever do blog seriously I won't be doing it here. Not as long as Phil is a commenter. I wish him well, preferably in hell.

A Serious Babe

He's legit:

Join Amrit's Network

Albert Ruesga

We wish we could afford you, Dr. Chadwallah. You're the only cultural polemicist we believe can properly clip Schambra's wings. And we hope you'll forgive Phil who, as Morals Tutor to America's Wealthiest Families, tends to get ideas above his station.

Juan Casimiro

Greetings, I just read your entries in the WCT blogs. Below you will find some background summary with what I have been involved for over 20 years. Please get back to me should you have any questions and or comments related to non-profit ventures, etc...

[Comment edited. -- Eds.]

John Anger

Juan, I'm sure this was not your intention, but advertising your services in the comments section of a blog is tacky and can get you banned.

Sounds like you've had many life-transforming experiences. Are there any you'd like to share that are relevant--even if obliquely--to this particular post?

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