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May 07, 2007


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All of the above seem pretty mild. You left out letters to the editor, and a bumper sticker. How easily crushed is dissent if it amounts to no more than this. So timid. So mild. So courteous.

Phil Anthropoid

Funding does have its privileges.

Albert Ruesga

You're right, Phil. I made one addition to the seventh storey. It's not quite as radical as requiring us to put bumper stickers on our SUVs, but it does begin to feel more like righteous fist shaking.


How about using all those formal evaluations to create a huge bonfire?


People should be nicer to each other without crowing about it. This is not to speak ill of crows, they fascinate me. I think they are the smartest birds, although vocally they tend to be less than enchanting. They can fly, but they stick together. If people had wings I bet the same case would not be the case. You can see that when they flap dollars and stock certificates like a bicycle airplane from 1893. That's why they build boardrooms to coop them up. Yet many people have melifuous voices. I guess it's just tough to make an analogy between people and birds. Which says more about people than about birds.

Bruce Trachtenberg

Oh dear, I got confused. I thought from your headline this was a post about story telling! Upon reflection, I suppose it is.

Albert Ruesga

In the world of philanthropy, people who talk out of turn get shut up in cages, as parrots do. Other birds are free to flit about.


This old hippie wonders (If) Flying on the Ground (Is Wrong.)

Sometimes a good song can help.

Stuart Johnson

Thanks for sharing the chart, ahfukit. As I freely associate on the lyrics, I'm reminded that no foundation executive was ever fired for his modest ambitions. No need to assume the crash position and you can buy your own damn pretzels.

I'm also reminded that it's twisted to displace our attention from those who work at nonprofits to those who fund them. Imagine spending 80 percent of your Academy Award acceptance speech thanking all the lawyers who made your film possible.

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