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May 01, 2007


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I'm glad we had a chance to catch up in Seattle, Glauco. Before I left I wanted to say how much I liked this post. It's a study in how to pull your punches.

The Happy Tutor

Meanwhile on the right, Professor Mansfield of Harvard, says that the President is or should be above the law, citing Machiavelli to show that a single man, a tyrant will have more energy than a house divided against itself by checks and balances. Hence in the War on Terror we need the Tyrant to defend us. (Ah Leo Strauss, the benefits you brought us from Germany.) So, it isn't that activism is discouraged, but that it rests in those at the top and their henchman of whom Schambra is one. http://tiny.pl/dl6t
Note the moderate and balanced tone of the Mansfield treatise. On the one hand freedom is good, on the other hand focus and energy are good. The Constitution balances both. Now is a good time for Tyranny. At other times it is a good time for liberty. Things change.

How then do we find the voice to resist, and win? He who raises his voice, as you well know, Albert, loses. He who provokes the other to do so wins.

The Countess is your best shot at a spokesperson, since she is on good terms with Bill, and has been his philanthropy coach for some time now.

Stuart Johnson

Some people draw warnings from The Prince, others mine it for ideas on how to order political society. The road is open to all.

It takes a decisive thinker like Mansfield to lead the Harvard faculty out of the deep fog of Postmodernism into the deep fog of something else. I'll say this for Mansfield, he's not the only one who's observed that the efforts of a Machiavellian tyrant are generally more manly than the p*ssy-whipped deliberations of a democratically elected Congress. He appears to be modeling his ideal rulemaker on your Deputy Editor, Tutor.


Harvey is a manly man? We manly men have to stick together. Women just don't understand us.

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