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April 13, 2007


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Bruce Trachtenberg

Same amount of humbleness, humility and charity as the guy who stands up in church or temple to announce "I give one million dollars anonymously."

Albert Ruesga

I think it's in Matthew's gospel: Don't let the right donor-advised fund know what the left private foundation is doing.

There's something disturbing about this kind of charitable spectacle, about the idea that one can address the issue of persistent poverty by tossing a few large appliances off the back of a truck, for example. Perhaps ultimately it's better to be charitable the way Oprah is than the way most people aren't.

Dr. Trotsky

It might be that these spectacles have very little to do with charity and giving, social consciousness, or anything in that line. Sound like formulaic diagrams of alleged classist wish fulfillment, like most television (should note that I haven't seen these specimens - going on what they sound like - remember The Millionaire? Queen for a Day?)

Placebos with a dash of opium.

Maybe this is why some choose to toss appliances off the back of a truck:

When I like an object, I always give it to someone. It isn't generosity--it's only because I want others to be enslaved by objects, not me.
--Jean Paul Sartre


The one moment I remembered in this show is Duncan Bannatyne on Dragons Den. Two people were pitching for money for a music festival and were well experienced in the student market. They had already run their festival last year and on close questioning it transpired that their festival and most others are run on the basis of free labour. People are officially volunteers and receive a ticket for the festival. Duncan voiced his concerns about this way of doing things and pointed out that there is a minimum wage. I was impressed.
Reality TV

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