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April 26, 2007


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Bruce Trachtenberg

In answer to your pop quiz, I would venture a guess that the youth theatre and airline are alike because, unlike the soccer team, their basic business goal is filling seats with "butts." And without a full house or plane, neither scores.

Albert Ruesga

Congratulations, Bruce, your prize is already in the mail: a facsimile of the screenplay to Beyond the Valley of the Dolls signed by screenwriter Roger Ebert :o)

Bruce Trachtenberg

I want it on the record, kind sir, that I took your challenge with the expectation I would not profit. I'd like to believe that's the case.

Paul Curtin

I've worked for two legal services orgs, and I've noticed when we diversify we end up spending much more on keeping track of the funding requirements/service restrictions and much less on actual services for the poor. The sad thing is the trend towards diversification also provides the illusion that a certain group is being helped thus blocking other initiatives aimed at real services. Short-term grants further complicate this by creating the false impression in activists' minds that your organiztion covers a certain problem even years after you have been defunded.

Albert Ruesga

Legal service providers are an interesting case. In my experience, it's difficult for them to raise money from individual donors, and corporations are also an unlikely source. If only attorneys were a tad more generous -- with their $$, rather than their time :o)

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