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June 29, 2006


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I'm tuned in to this one, big time. Hope it shakes things up a bit. By the way, I never told you how much I like the new look of the blog. Dada meets ... uh, something.

Albert Ruesga

Thanks, e. Yep, the Buffett thing has certainly energized the water cooler conversation in our shop.

Roger O. Thornhill

Yay! These guys are my heroes. People who have accumumlated a great deal of money should be involved in social policy as they maturate, because their great hordes indicate that they possess sharp judgement, and there qualms as elders that develop in the period when they are derived of immediate need of more money lead to wisdom. Another nail in the coffin of socialist public education, teachers unions, and people who don't want to speak or write english.

Albert Ruesga

There are many who share your judgment, Roger, about the wisdom of involving elites in the development of social policy. Of course, Mr. Castro prefers not to speak or write in English, and he's a strong supporter of socialist public education, but he's certainly a great believer in his own "sharp judgment."

How would you define wisdom?

Roger O. Thornhill

Castro! The energizer bunny of communist corruption. This guy is the anti-Clinton, an adept in reverse-triangulation playing the extremes against the liberal center. I pray that world opinion will succeed in forcing this socialist Methuselah to refrain from torturing the prisoners he holds in the open-air dungeon of Guantanamo Bay.

What constitutes wisdom is an agreement among a group of people on how wisdom is constituted.

Perhaps there's another level of wisdom in which the category "wisdom" is critically examined, and wisdom, for those critically-inclined, consists of wisdom about wisdom.


Cackety Dishwitz

Tooter says I'm asking the wrong question. Guess that means I hang with you. (Please, put down that white telephone. How many joints can a drunk be thrown out of in one night??)

Albert Ruesga

We have nothing but the wrong questions here. And we throw the wrong answers into the bargain.

Cackety Dishwitz

Thanks for the hospitality. I may use the white phone to call the white house, if you don't mind (provided that the bourbon holds up.)

Dee Hicks

Don't know if you saw this piece in the New York Times. The anti-abortionists aren't too happy about the unholy alliance between Gates and Buffett.

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